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24 new sounds
$126,288.94 sum
$717.55 avg
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Amount Description Status
$3.22Klonoa WAHOO
$3.60The Game Sphere (Its Spherical!)
$3.69Pieces of Zac
$4.22Variants of Smash Mouth
$4.40Golden Lute (Cadence of Hyrule) [Reinstated]
$4.44UNO [Reinstated]
$5.11Portions of Furret Walk / Accumula Town on Recorder
$5.19Obra Dinn Pocketwatch
$5.28Splatoon Woomy / Veemo / Bang Bang
$5.96Zoombinis Pizza Troll
$7.43Hank Hill Baja Blast
$9.00Korok Yahaha [Reinstated]
$9.20Goose Honks [Reinstated]
$9.22Potion seller, Sell me your strongest potion
$9.50Fortnite Battle Pass.
$9.98Toading in the 90s
$9.99"I wonder what Ganon's up to!"
$10.01"I'm doing my part!"
$10.02100 gecs
$10.08Yugi Boy
$10.10Tidus Laugh (Singular HA)
$10.11Snatcher Laugh
$10.17Moon Get!
$10.20Doctor Strange - "Dormamu! I've come to bargain!"
$10.23Suika Game
$10.29It's so over. WE'RE SO BACK
$10.30Dialup Modem Sounds
$10.40Dodo Airlines
$10.59Link - "Well exuuuuussee me, Princess!"
$10.93Zelda CDi Lines
$11.03The One Piece is real!
$11.04The Polar Express - Hot Chocolate
$11.11Jyggy11 - "That's awesome."
$11.25Big McThankies from McSpankys
$11.27James May "CHEESE"
$12.04Schni Schna Schnappi
$12.10Doc Brown -"1.21 Jigawatts?!"
$12.24Phoenix Wright Series - OBJECTION!
$12.30TheBlacktastic/Bobby Laughing
$12.60Pizza Tower - Peppino Scream
$12.99*Pop* Amiibo!!
$13.03Wind Waker Salvatore Sploosh
$13.09Law & Order - DUN DUN
$15.05Random Left 4 Dead 2 Voice Clips
$16.16Knuckles - "Oh no!"
$16.90Cracking Open a Cold One
$17.50Celeste Heart Collect
$17.92Castlevania - "WHAT IS A MAN"
$18.16He needs some milk
$18.69I'M AT SOUP [Reinstated]
$19.40Nigel Thornberry - "Smashing!"
$19.53Wilhelm Scream
$19.57Tim Curry - C&C Red Alert 3
$19.67Toronto Maple Leafs Goal Horn
$19.79Hartford Whalers - Brass Bonanza
$19.87Princess Bride - "INCONCEIVABLE!"
$19.92Kirby Victory Theme
$19.93Ballad of the Wind Fish
$19.98Banjo-Kazooie [Reinstated]
$19.99Pokémon Snap - "Well done!"
$20.01Gamecube Opening Sound
$20.02Secret Gamecube Opening Sound
$20.03Emo Roulette
$20.04Star Trek - Worf: "I protest! I am NOT a merry man!"
$20.05The best the best the best the best
$20.06Yea I'm talking about Mountain Dew Baby [Reinstated]
$20.07Brotherman Bill
$20.08"No more fanmail, thank you, peace and love" - Ringo Starr
$20.10"Fine, I guess you are my little pogchamp, c'mre." - Shado_Temple
$20.13Ravio Shop Rental
$20.17BotW Cooking
$20.19Zelda's Adventure: Food Dude / Gaspra
$20.20Toad Lang Syne
$20.23Tears of the Kingdom - Blessing of Light
$20.77Keanu Reeves: "You're Breathtaking!"
$20.96Jyggy Rat Remix
$21.90Down-Pitched Yoshi / Slowed Down Yoshi
$22.00Beedle bye
$22.91Rubber Chicken
$23.192319!!! (Monsters Inc.)
$23.23Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant Zone [Reinstated]
$24.25Spongebob - What's funnier than 24?
$24.70The Fitness Gram Pacer Test (Short Version)
$25.01Wellerman Sea Shanty
$25.93Jurassic Park - Hold on to your butts
$29.03Badger badger badger
$31.10Spooky Scary Skeletons
$31.41ASDF Movie - I baked you a pie!
$32.00K.K. Slider
$32.10The Full Yippee Song
$33.00BotW Champions
$33.05Daruk: "Here it comes!"
$33.33Oh Baby a Triple! Oh Yeah!
$40.00Water and water and water water
$40.40no god please no. no. NOOOOOO
$44.44iCarly - Random Dancing
$45.94Hotel Mario Intro
$50.30I am Error (Navi)
$50.50Fortnite Default Dance
$51.09Obra Dinn - The Doom
$51.20Tears of the Kingdom - Entering the Depths
$54.315...4...3...1... OFF BLAST!
$58.00Lonely Rolling Star (Sab Irene)
$66.00Execute Order 66 (JYGGY MIDI EDITION)
$66.66It is my professional opinion that now is the time to PANIC!
$69.19Link is Hot
$69.23TotK - "I'd like nothing more than to smash the Demon King."
$69.68Careless Whisper + OBJECTION!
$69.69Careless Whisper (Carlos Whisper)
$77.77"Chance Time!"
$86.86Metroid - Item Get
$87.70JG Wentworth 877 CASH NOW
$90.01And This is to Go Even Further Beyond!
$91.15Dog Song - Undertale
$96.90Big Big Big Big BODY - Jackson Parodi
$98.50Jerma Rat Song
$99.96Woah Woah Wowowowowoooa
$99.99Andy Scream
$100.07Golden Eye 007 (N64) Theme
$101.01Tidus Laugh (Extended)
$105.00Donkey Kong 64 "OOH BANANA"
$105.17A Hat in Time - Time Piece Get
$111.11We Are Number One (But It's An Electric Violin Tribute) by String Player Gamer
$123.00One Two Three, One Two Three
$123.45Luggage from Spaceballs
$130.00Lethal Company Ice Cream
$132.10All 4 BotW Champion Abilities
$135.56Serenade of Water - TeraCMusic Cover
$151.00Pokémon Red/Blue Intro - Carlos Cover
$153.95BEEEEEEEEEEEEEG Hank Hill Baja Blast
$160.16Zelda Item Get Brass Cover by Dannymusic
$169.00Stealthed it right in
$176.16I play Pokémon Go
$176.90My body is ready...Wait wait wait
$187.50"Variations On A Theme of Nut" / NUT song (different variations)
$197.10Country Roads (as sung by Eric)
$198.20Toto by Africa
$198.30THX sound
$198.31Reverse THX sound (XHT)
$200.40Sneater (Snake Eater) - Adri & Jules Remix
$201.90Discord Ping Notification
$217.42Betty White Sings Africa (Feat Childish Gambino)
$246.0124601! (Jean Valjean from Les Misérables)
$247.00The Fitness Gram Pacer Test (Full Version)
$250.99John Cena Recorder
$251.00National Park from Pokémon (Carlos Cover)
$261.00Darude Recorder
$321.00Slowed Down Yippee
$398.0010 Seconds of Realistic Door Knocking
$399.40TadHX (Tadtones + THX)
$444.44Mega Man X4 - "What am I fighting forrrrrrr?!"
$510.90Obra Dinn - The Doom (Full Version)
$511.00Accumula Town / Furret Walk EXTENDED
$900.00Hestu's Song
$985.00Jerma Year of the Rats Song
$999.99Start of ALttP Movement - Rupoor Jingle
$1,000.17SNES ALttP Movement
$1,000.69Symphony of the Cold Ones
$1,008.50Symphony of the TOAD
$1,010.10Symphony of the HA
$1,026.00"The bigger the chest the bigger the yes" Symphony of the Goddesses
$1,111.11Symphony of the Jyg
$1,200.00Symphony of the WAH
$1,986.00(Chiptune) 8-bit Symphony of the Goddesses
$101,010.10Tidus Laugh...? (This is the UwU from OwOracle of Seasons)